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Here are just a few new ideas weve cum up with, and will probably use for 2008...

Sharpshooter II
Sharpshooter III
Sharpshooter IV
Sharpshooter V

Carnettoonwork epsidoe 1
Carnettoonwork epsiode 2

AOW (110 min film) (15 episodes)

New Animations... (future realeses)

2007-12-27 03:41:19 by hardcoreanimation

Here is some of our line up for 2008;

- 300 eggs series

- several colab's

- AOW (110 min film) (Placing onto newgrounds as series of clips)

_|- Update -|_ We are 3/4 of the way through 300 eggs episode 1
all thats left are the voices, music and the final scene


2007-12-23 12:48:29 by hardcoreanimation

Now we are making a new comedy series,
called 300 eggs.
no spoilers on wat is going to happen
but its a parody of the film 300, with eggs
instead of humans
it may be good i dont know

Were back

2007-12-22 05:37:36 by hardcoreanimation

We are now reformed and ready to go

All our new portal animations will be hear soon.

all of them will be checked over and over to remove any glitches, bugs and
crappy graphic's

so when they come


Hardcoreanimation schedual

2007-11-04 11:55:29 by hardcoreanimation

Our shedual for 2007 - 2008

November 10th - decmeber 1st

Aow scene making
Aow character design
Aow music search
Flash fighters episode 1 productions starts

Decmeber 1st - 10th

Aow menu production
flash fighters episode 1 finnish up


Aow proper production stages
Flash fighters episdoes 1 - 5


Aow finnish up
Flash fighters end episode

- note -

This can chage at any given time its just a ruff idea

AOW production (film)...

2007-11-01 05:02:05 by hardcoreanimation

Well we have started the whole film from scratch AGAIN! because our main computer suffered a virus and all non internet files were lost. which fucking sucks!! its all backed up now


2007-10-26 12:58:02 by hardcoreanimation

more disapointing news...

Our main computer system suffered another hardware malfunction, alll non internet files have been lost }:(

New logo...

2007-10-21 08:19:26 by hardcoreanimation


New logo...

looking for animators

2007-10-13 14:47:59 by hardcoreanimation

hardcoreanimation is looking for more animators to join our team. if youwant to join jst reply wit ur name nd wat ur gd @ in flash

looking for animators

Release date comfermed

2007-09-28 15:30:17 by hardcoreanimation

after long descussions with my partner kiwi we have descided to give ourselfs from now untill the 21st september 2008 to complete our new film ALL OUT WAR, which will premier on newgrounds.