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Hardcoreanimation schedual

2007-11-04 11:55:29 by hardcoreanimation

Our shedual for 2007 - 2008

November 10th - decmeber 1st

Aow scene making
Aow character design
Aow music search
Flash fighters episode 1 productions starts

Decmeber 1st - 10th

Aow menu production
flash fighters episode 1 finnish up


Aow proper production stages
Flash fighters episdoes 1 - 5


Aow finnish up
Flash fighters end episode

- note -

This can chage at any given time its just a ruff idea


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2007-11-04 15:15:45

Your So Confident, Yet your Movies Suck.

hardcoreanimation responds:

yh i no, thats why were lookin 4 animators nd stuff cus da ones we hav now are rely bad, I (liam) suck at animating but im great at drawin, designs and music, any help wud be rely greatly admired


2007-11-05 16:08:58

You suck, learn to animate, do things properly. I'm dissapointed. Not another bad one.Also cocks.

hardcoreanimation responds:

yeah we probably do suck rite now, but weve only just been using flash for about 4 months because we had proper animating hardware ie: Microsoft pro evolution animation 2005


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