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AOW production (film)...

2007-11-01 05:02:05 by hardcoreanimation

Well we have started the whole film from scratch AGAIN! because our main computer suffered a virus and all non internet files were lost. which fucking sucks!! its all backed up now


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2007-11-01 05:21:31

I hate it when my viruses malfunction.

hardcoreanimation responds:

r u being sarcastic or not cus i cant tell cus im a dumass if u are i ment a virus attacked our system lol


2007-11-01 11:12:25

Random pity comment!

hardcoreanimation responds:

Its not a random pitty comment its tellin people that im startin my film over nd if u dnt care then dnt read the message...


2007-11-01 13:51:00

Well good to hear its backed up!

hardcoreanimation responds:

yup, startin it over again, which is a good thing cus the version i was making was going crap and gettin tedious lol